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Scam Websites .. and so it continues ..

Since I started designing and making my own designs, I have continuously found my work being copied. Its not new, and its not particularly clever and usually I just turn a blind eye to it, as that is the price you pay for doing things right. However, what really boils my piss, is unscrupulous websites actually not only using my work to copy, but they don't even bother to make the garments up and take their own shots of them. They are using my work, my modelling and my photographers work to reap the rewards.

Now some might say, take it as compliment. However, I say, not on your fecking nelly. So here the latest scammers,

So from now on, if I find any other websites using my shit, I will be naming and shaming. This is the proof that they are using my work:-

I will also be directing the photographer to this site too, as he will be due some copyright fees for using his image without his or my permission.

So if you see my work being advertised, as in that is my photo, of me, modelling it, on another site, please do let me know!!

Susey ..



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