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Plus Size Fabric Dresses ..

Susey Phoenixx Designs UK (PDUK) is a Plus Size Specialist Independent Designer label, creating dresses, accessories and interior design items .. for the discerning alternative client .. Susey started her recent iteration of design in Sept 2012 and is located in the beautiful North Wales coast town of Dyserth ..


Susey is a fully qualified Fashion Designer with a Masters Degree .. having started designing clothes at just 12 years old .. she knew what she wanted to do and continued onto her degree course at 21 years and forumulating her first collections .. the rest is history ..


All items are designed .. created and made by Susey Phoenixx herself .. and she wishes to conintue her Designer-led approach .. there is therefore a considerable lead-in time .. so if you need an item that is not already made up .. you will need to send her a messasge to find out her up-to-date lead in times .. depending on how busy her Orders Book is ..


Susey is passionate about her garments .. giving each garment has its own name .. so that it can be catalogued and easily searched for both by using Google and her own website too .. All of her garments are made to measure .. unless they are sale items .. these sale items can also be made to fit if necessary ..


If you would like a dress made-to-measure .. simply contact Susey .. where she will endeavour to find the perfect fabric for your vision .. or she will create the pattern using her own print to fabric graphics ..


Susey is a textiles designer to boot .. so if you cant find the perfect print .. allow Susey to design it for you .. give her the inspiration and she will create your very own fabric print ..


Alternatively, if you have 3 metres of fabric already and would like her to make your dream dress .. simply message her with the fabric details and she will design a garment for you .. using your already purchased fabric ..


Susey provides a fully coloured hand-drawn illustrations of your idea .. usually a few designs .. so you are able to pick elements from each one .. to create your perfect dream dress /garment ..

Susey's client list is now worldwide including Drag Queens and the LGBTQ community .. 


Website and Social Media Networks:-

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