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Testimonials & Reviews

Peachy Russell reviewed Phoenixx Designs UK – 5 star

25 April 2016 · 

Great quality latex and a knowledgeable designer who can help with your custom ideas/wants/needs with a full made to measure service. Can't wait to wear more 

Jonathan Marshall reviewed Phoenixx Designs UK – 5 star

26 February 2016 · 

These designs look stunning and divine :)absolutely love the look

Lindsey Witkowska reviewed Phoenixx Designs UK – 5 star

22 July 2016 · 

I was so honored to work with Phoenixx Designs last month. I was blown away by the amazing range and quality. Also the imagination and thought behind each piece is incredible.

But what struck me most is Susey. She is incredible. So lovely and professional. Youll never meet a warmer, nicer person. She has an incredible way of making you feel comfortable into your latex journey, be it the first step for a seasoned latex wearer.

Rosie Shields reviewed Phoenixx Designs UK – 5 star

22 July 2016 · 

I honestly couldn't praise this woman or her work enough! Making my first dress in Sept 2015 I have never looked back and become slightly obsessed. Nothing is to big or small for her in both fabric and latex! And most of my wardrobe is now phoenixx designs! 
I would give you 5million stars if I could x

Abbie Indie Parker reviewed Phoenixx Designs UK – 5 star

22 July 2016 · 

I had a beautiful evening gown made last year for a Pageant Final and it was gorgeous. Explained what I wanted and she made it come to life. Having my second gown made as we speak and will definitely always come here for future latex clothing needs.

Viv Voy Yeur reviewed Phoenixx Designs UK – 5 star

22 October 2016 · 

Omg!!! Love!!! Items are tailor made just for me, every measurement is considered to make sure the fit is just perfect. Just 100% quality, can't recommend enough. Always feel amazing when I wear them and get so many compliments, it's unreal, and a boost to the confidence xx

Joanne Webster reviewed Phoenixx Designs UK – 5 star

2 August 2016 · 

Well .. I can't thank this incredible lady for the outfit that she designed for my sons wedding in May this year . As mother of the groom you do have to have that simply amazing one of a kind .. That's fits like no other bespoke dress and jacket both Tailored to be worn with an Underbust corset .. The silhouette it created was perfect .

Thank you my darling ever so much

Hayley Maria McDermott reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 5 star

4 June 2017 · 

I love my glitter! It goes on thick so you don't have to apply layer after layer, the shine is stunning and it dries quickly! It also stays on really well with no need to reapply! Love being a unicorn!

Pheonix Wings reviewed Phoenixx Designs UK – 5 star

4 April 2017 · 

Only one word will sum this designer & pieces.....FABULOUS!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had a fab weekend, loads of compliments & enquiries on my dresses. I think I'm a latex convert well & truly, I just can't see why I can't wear them to work!!! 
So thank you for your creative genius in making me feel fab in latex, as I never thought that would happen!! now for my next outfit........

Krissy Sheridan reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 5 star

12 August 2017 · 

Absolutely adore my new liquid highlighter � it has a great consistency so it feels extremely light on the skin. It looks fantastic and really finishes my, full face of, makeup off

Karen Shepherd reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 5 star

6 August 2017 · 

Got my first eyeshadows, nicest make up I've ever tried. Looking forward to getting more ASAP

Viv Voy Yeur reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 5 star

29 April 2017 · 

Love these beautiful colours from Phoenixx Cosmetics. The highlighter I have is perfect for my complexion, and goes on beautifully. The eye shadows are deliciously called Deep Lilac, Toffeelicious, Sunbeam Gold. They are lush!! Go on smoothly, blend perfectly, and the pigmentation is sublime- these colours really pop and they last- which is perfect for a diva like me. When I saw these colours I removed the eye makeup I was wearing to apply these instead. Comparing the shades next to the eyeshadow and highlighter I had taken with me to shoot in, Susey's were much brighter and felt nicer on the skin. Recommend!! Found my new favourite cosmetics, and can't wait for her to expand her range. Especially as I can not wear a lot of ranges because of allergies. We did allergy tests first, and yay, I was ok. Another reason why I recommend them, Susey treats her cosmetics brand like her latex line etc- she caters it to suit you! xx

Akira Jeffers reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 4 star

24 April 2017 · 

I received the liquid highlighter and two glitter pots! I loveeee the glitter, at first I thought it was loose glitter but it is a gel and goes on like a dream! I used in a look that I will post.
The highlighter in had a slightly different experience whilst it is amazingly blendable (that's a word I swear) I think it blends too well with my skin tone and the actual pigment gets lost without a bright light to capture it. Though this may be due to the fact that I am not used to applying liquid highlighter and used to powders that show up instantly. The fault isn't with the product as it's amazing just not the right tone for myself :)

Rosie Shields reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 5 star

21 April 2017 · 

The Phoenixx cosmetics pressed highlight powder has become my ultimate go to hilighter. Soft scent with miracle application and a gorgeous , beauty from within glow, I can't put it down.perfect on both bare skin and with full coverage. I would highly recommend to all as the perfect highlighter for both daytime and striking evening looks ( with a slightly heavier hand)

I have also dabbled with the liquid highlighter. I am not as deft with the liquid version but from what i have managed to create I am in love. An Atherial glow packed with shimmer and colour and just stunning when it catches the light.serious sparkle on a bare face and a perfect highlighter for your brow bone and lips when using full coverage.

I can't wait to try the glitter gels next in some more striking looks in the future.

From what I have seen so far of Phoenixx cosmetics I am very excited to see what happens in the future x

Katherine Broadhead reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 5 star

20 April 2017 · 

Loved the glitter ! 
Went on fantastically and was non sticky , dried fast and lasted all night ! 
Got loads of comments and compliments used it on my eyes and lips , although lips obviously took more of a hit so had to top up 
It removed easily no scrubbing or rubbing to get it off 
Going to play around with it more when I get a little more time but god I love it would totally buy and recommend to my friends xxx just a quick review I can do more later x

Jordan Miar Johnson reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 5 star

20 April 2017 · 

I have tried the highlighting powder and drops and the glitter �The highlighting powder is incredible! You can vary the intensity from natural glow to blinding! Same with the drops, easy to blend and can vary the intensity. The glitter is fabulous and I know I will get a lot of use out of it this summer!

Peachy Russell reviewed Phoenixx Cosmetics, Soaps & Waxes UK – 5 star

15 April 2017 · 

I received a bundle to try out and i love what i have so far. Will be uploading more looks/opinions throughout the next couple of weeks :)

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