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About Susey
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Who We Are


Phoenixx Designs is a Design Studio ..

run by @Susey Phoenixx (MA) - Visual Artist and Designer ..

Susey the Fashion Designer

Welcome to Susey Phoenixx Designs UK, where we specialize in unique and creative fashion projects. With a Masters Degree in shoe design, Susey brings her passion and expertise to each of her designs. From avant-garde to bespoke, our works are truly one-of-a-kind. We specialize in burlesque, punk, alternative, and victoriana, and can work with any fabric you desire. We love a challenge, so bring us your trickiest projects – we'll handle them with ease.

Susey started making clothes when she was about 12 years old .. "I remember it well, as it was a very risque bikini .. sadly, my mum NEVER allowed me to actually wear !! " .. Susey was then asked to customise her brothers friends jeans .. bleaching and dying .. painting on leather jackets for her brothers punk friends .. and her love of fabrics and fashion was born ..her all time favourite designers are Vivienne Westwood; John Paul Gaulter; and Zandra Rhodes .. all old school but brilliant nonetheless .. her current favourite is Iris Von Herpen .. whose designs really are amazing .. 

Susey the Workshop Facilitator

"Welcome to Susey Phoenixx Designs UK, where all things artistic and alternative are celebrated.

As an Art Workshop Facilitator, I strive to provide a truly unique and stimulating experience for all of my clients. Whether it is helping you with your next tattoo design or teaching you how to make your own remarkable latex corset, I will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to express your individuality. Contact me today to learn more about my workshops and start creating something extraordinary!"

Susey has been showcasing her many skills sets since 2000 when she started her workshop business.  She is constantly learning new skills and honing her existing ones, so that she can provide interesting and stimulating workshop ideas.

Other interests include Silver smithing, Monoprinting .. Linocut Prints .. and designing her own textiles prints .. 

Susey is also very interested in Cosmetics Formulating and is in the process of honing these skills to enable her to have her own Vegan Cruelty Free Cosmetics .. if you wish to keep up to date on this subject .. please subscribe to this website to receive all the most up to date launches of her products.

Ultimately, Susey is a creative creature .. who is constantly striving to understand and learn new techniques and skills .. she is currently learning hairdressing skills on a part time basis to enable her to offer her wig setting and hairdressing services .. alongside all the other skills and services .. 

Susey the Silversmither

Susey has had the pleasure of studying under @Clarrie Flavell who is a very well renowned silversmither in North Wales.  Susey has been creating works over this past year and is just at the point where she feels ready to start showcase her designs.  Susey will be uploading different pieces and as when they are ready.  Please check back or consider subscribing so you don't miss out on anything. 

Photography ..

Susey has been studying photography since she was 21 years old at Uni .. when it was film cartridges and dark rooms for processing .. 

A lot has changed since those days .. and its now much easier and faster to see the results of the days shoot .. hence a lot quicker to learn new things and Susey is loving her journey back into photography .. 

Susey has been a hobby photographer for the last 30 years .. but its only in the last 10 years that she has started shooting her Latex Fashion Garments on some truely lovely models .. who have shown patience and understanding when things did not quite go to plan!!

Susey has her own home studio in beautiful North Wales 40 mins from Liverpool .. with a number of backdrops and a chaise longue for a more vintage look .. her house is situated very close to rural wales .. with waterfalls and streams trickling down the mountainsides ..

Susey runs the Phoenixx Group Shoots in both Nottinghanm and North Wales .. but due to prolonged illness .. has had to postpone these events until further notice .. there are both a facebook page and group page for this event .. so when it is next up and running .. Susey will post in these groups ..  

Fine Art Signed Limited Edition Print ..

Unique one off Hectograph Technique designs.. no two are identical and signed by the Artist, Susey Phoenixx, Ba (Hons), MA ..

Susey has been creating art for over 37 years .. both 2D to 3D designs .. as well as Fine Art peices .. and has been selling her fine art works,  professionally in London, Nottingham and Lincoln for the past 20 years .. 

Custom Commissions with specific colour schemes can be incorporated into a custom piece if needed to compliment your interior decorations ..


Please message for further details .. cost will remain the same for custom work for the time being .. 

If you would like to purchase one of these Prints .. please visit my Themed Shop links below .. 

Hairdressing & Wig Services Available

Susey has now completed her Level 1 NVQ in Hairdressing .. and is mid way through her Level 2 .. 

June 2019 Susey will be fully qualified and able to offer her Mobile Hairdressing Service to anyone in the local area .. She is currently updating her Price List and if you would like to keep up to date .. please consider subscribing to her bi-monthly newsletter with all new items added to her website .. 

Click on Wig Services Shop to see more!! 

Susey is now able to offer this service to those in need of a Wig Revamp or Wig Setting Sevices ..

Susey has been interested in Ceramics since her twenties and has now perfected her style with the help of a local Ceramicist Louise Schempft .. who has helped her gain essential knowledge in this field .. 

Susey will be creating more pieces during the summer months .. and with some more colour .. 

Check back or subscribe to see her newest pieces when they are uploaded ..

Susey also really loves Polymer Clay items as well and so is using her skills acquired over the years to produce some interesting textured pieces .. 

Suseys most recent Collection is the Dragon Scales Amulet Collection .. 

Another of her recent collections is her experiments with Black & White .. Makume and Hidden Magic techniques .. these can all be found in her Monochrome Collection .. 


subscribe to her website to see when her new pieces are available to buy .. 


Alongside her Plus Size Latex Fashion Design / Plus Size Fashion Designer / Photographer / Vegan Cosmetics Range (Coming Soon) / Latex Workshop Facilitator / Halloween Headdress Designer .. as well as her Limited Edition Prints / Jewellery and Perfume Services ..


Subscribe on the Home Page to hear more about her upcoming events and launches .. 

I have many people who have influenced me in creating my own personal style .. here is but a short list of the most recent in absolutely no order other than how they are written in my notebook ..

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Fire Mountain Gems & Beads

Wire Wrapping ..

Susey also has had a love of copper wire wrapping and is incorporating this into her Polymer Clay, silversmithing and porcelain items as much as possible .. Again .. these items will be available in the Shop above .. as soon as they are ready .. 

Subscribe to receive up to date notifications .. 

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