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I'm back, Mother-suckers ..

After having a couple of years away from designing full time, due to:-

a) re-training as a Level 3 Hairdresser and

b} last year having to go through a couple of major operations due to cancer.

c} Covid and lockdown restrictions,

I am back to working full time on my next Plus Size Fashion Collection. I have had so many ideas whizzing around my head whilst I was recovering from the ops and now is the time for them to be realised in the flesh, so to speak!! I am so glad I can just draw what's in my head, that skill will never cease to amaze me! Even though I hated life drawing in my twenties, practice practice practice is the key!!

I am fully intending to be returning to The Townhouse, Liverpool in June, wearing one of my collection items. If you see me hovering around, come say hello, I love to meet new people and old friends to have a good ole natter!!

I will also hopefully, be attending the BBB in Birmingham at the end of July .. and will be wearing one of my new dresses. Again, if you spot me, come over and say hello and we can have a cup of tea and a slice of cake together!! I really cant wait to see everyone again, its been far too long!!

In the meantime, I will be doing some photoshoots with my previously sponsored models, Ma'am Malice, Gemma Lethal Leigh, Viv Voyeur, to name but 3. So watch this space for preview photos of the new collection. As well as listings for them as soon as the photos have been taken and processed.

I have plans to travel to other towns and cities in the UK, in the future too. Either as a Fashion Designer, Stylist on shoots for my friends who are Photographers and as a Photographer myself. So many exciting plans for the future I could squeal!!

I am also back on my diet and exercise regime, as being off my feet for months at a time, let alone lockdown, has caused me to put too much weight on. I will never be slim, have always carried extra weight, even when I was cycling 22 miles per day, in the TA as a Radio Op, or playing women's rugby, so wont be shedding too much. But I have an optimum weight that I feel comfortable with, so yeah, thats the goal.

I will be cycling, sea swimming and have my new pair of roller skates, to learn how to stand up. Dont worry, I have my safety guards etc, so hoping I wont hurt myself too badly!! I also have a weighted hula hoop too, so once my waist starts appearing again, I can start getting leopard print bruises on my waist again!! hahaha

So lots to look forwards too and lots to blog about, I will try to blog about issues as and when they crop up, so subscribe to get updates etc, would be lovely to hear what you all have to say about my new collections and my progress on my fitness too!!





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