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Fashions Shows ..

I wanted to showcase some of the fashion shows I have been involved in over the last 12 years .. so here are a few videos of some of them .. if you have access to anymore .. please let me know and will add them as they are sent to me ..

This was a Fabric fashion show a couple of years ago now .. before I started training as a Hairdresser ..

And this is the Latex section of the day .. with the same models as the fabric .. but in latex .. it was a great day .. I did shoot a video of them all wearing my headdresses but that video sadly refused to load .. so was lost sadly ..

Oh .. and now YouTube has age-restricted this video .. funny how as soon as Fat Chicks decide to take the bull by the horns .. some idiot .. I assume has reported my video for non-nudity because it is full of gorgeous curvy women having a great time .. why not age restrict some of the Avant Guarde shows online who show way more flesh than we do in this video .. oh yeah . . thats right .. because they are stick thin women .. I am livid now!! Grrrrer ..

I need to find another video uploading programme other than YouTube .. grrrrrrr .. who are clearly fattists!!


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