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Plus Size Fashion / Latex Designer

Plus Size Fashion / Latex Designer

Phoenixx Designs UK is a Plus Sized and Petite Size Fashion Design Studio .. working with women UK size 6-28 .. we make Bespoke hand-made designs .. made in the UK .. for both the Petite sizes and BBW / Plus Size / curvy ladies who find it difficult or impossible to find clothing that suits and fits well ..

We are now including our accessories and millinary products .. as well as Fabric Range alongside our Latex Wear .. We also provide textiles designs which can be exclusive to you .. so get your thinking caps on!!

Phoenixx Designs UK was officially founded in September 2012 and was test trading since 2007.. And is single-handedly run by .. Susey Phoenixx .. Susey has been creating and designing clothing since she was 12 years old .. And she has a passion and feel for the aesthetics of fashion .. That allows her to be innovative and creative .. Always looking for the next step in my fashion design journey ..

The first public show for Phoenixx Designs UK .. was the SKIN TWO (North) Susey provides a bespoke service for BBW / curvy / plus sized women who find it difficult or impossible to source clothing for evening wear or general day to day ..

Phoenixx Designs UK Ethos ..

Phoenixx Designs UK is primarily a plus size / BBW / curvy ladies designer .. Susey has just started her Petite Range for sizes UK 14 and under .. there are a few reasons for this ..

Susey has been asked by many petite ladies to use her extensive design skills to create a separate range for the under 14s .. which is in her Portfolio of work .. and has been welcomed for its versatility and innovative design silhouettes ..

Plus Size Experience and Ethos ..

1) Susey is a plus size herself and is the chief designer .. so she knows where the problems and issues are .. for both designing and working with plus size / BBW/curvy ladies .. She have been a plus size lady for most of her adult life and have made her own clothes all of that time .. As well as designing for others too ..

2) Suseys collections for plus size and petite sizes are separate and are completely different to each other .. both the silhouette and illustrations .. she has two separate collections already designed and illustrated ..

3) Susey loves working as a designer with women who she can make them feel beautiful .. even if they think they wont look amazing .. to see their faces as they look at themselves in her 6 ft mirror .. Wearing one of her designer dresses .. is just the best feeling in the world .. and she is now fully addicted to giving women that feeling too ..

4) Suseys plus sized designs are created for and by a BBW .. therefore they flatter and contour the larger ladies figure .. and compliment her curves .. and silhouette ..

5) A lot of her previous clients have never worn latex previously .. or have had a very tough time finding the right shape and size for them .. this is why Susey hand makes every single pattern to fit the exact measurements of her clientelle ..

Susey has dressed over hundreds of women over her lifetime .. and she still continues to draw up more plans to dress hundreds more ..

Follow her in her journey .. and subscribe to this website on the home page ..

Susey ..