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The Design Process for Ordering a Made-to-Measure Garment from PDUK ..

As some of you may have seen my recent video above, it really is that simple.

Send me a message either on here or on any social media platform and I will then start the ball rolling by answering your questions about:-

  • Payment Plan Options - Interest free;

  • Colour choices;

  • Design Illustrations;

  • Delivery Times of Garments once ordered;

It really is that simple.

Payment Plans PDUK Style

Ordering your bespoke made-to-measure Garment, could not be simpler. You can find me on all social media platforms, including here using my chat program at the bottom of your screen. This program sends replies directly to your email inbox, so you can keep up to date on what is required to create your Dream Dress.

If you need to spread the cost over a few weeks or up to 6 months, then using my Payment Plan could help with the payments. Simple pick the mount agreed to pay, and use the appropriate payment post on my Payment Plan page here.

Once you have decided to use this feature, and the illustrations have been sent to you. The Garment will be sent over after the final payment has been received. I will not start creating the Garment until at least 50% of the total has been paid. This helps with ordering the latex colours required and if your weight is fluctuating when taking measurement's, I will also ask for updated measurements, so it fits perfectly when it arrives.

Colour Choices

All the colours available have already been uploaded onto my Blogs here. You can choose from the selection and I will order the sheet latex as soon as payment is received.

If however you wanted a patterned latex, I will endeavour to source the patterned latex for you, but that will incur an extra costs as patterned latex is usually around £70-90 extra.

Design Illustrations

I am not a fashion illustrator, that is a discipline all of its own. However, I am able to show through my drawings, an approximate illustration based on your answers to my questions. This illustration will then be used for colour placement and seam placements too. The hem length, sleeve length, necklines etc will be taken separately using your specific measurements of your body.

Once the illustration has been accepted by the client, and after full payment is received, unless you are using the Payment Plan option above, I will start the process for creating your bespoke made to measure Garment.

Delivery Times

Delivery Times can vary depending on how complex the design is and also whether the design needs patterned latex, which usually involves a lengthy wait time too. I will endeavour to create the garment as quickly as possible. Lead-in times atm are approximately 2-4 weeks. However, these slots can quickly build up to anything up to 3 months. At which time I will close my books, to catch up and bring the delivery times back down to under 3 months.

If you have any further questions, please message me.

Susey ..


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