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Phoenixx Designs UK Vegan Friendly Cosmetics & Soaps ..

Cosmetics, soaps & wax formulations using the least amount of harmful chemicals or additives.

I feel the need to explain a few things about what I am trying to achieve ..

I am not in competition with the famous brands .. I am an ALTERNATIVE ..

I am an alternative due to the Ethos of my own Brand ..

The Ethos of my Brand is simply this ..

Phoenixx Designs UK Vegan Friendly Cosmetics&Soaps ..

Cosmetics, soaps & wax formulations using the least amount of harmful chemicals or additives.

I started this journey looking at what chemicals were in my daughters Cosmetics and was shocked. Over 6 months research to date I have started to make my own makeup. The ethos of this range is to use as natural ingredients as possible and also try to use natural anti-bacterial agents and preservatives where possible.

My Pedigree ..

Hello, my name is Susey, mother of 3 and I am passionate about Design in all its forms, from fashion to photography and jewellery to cosmetics. I hold a Masters Degree in Creative Collaborations, specialising in Shoe Design, as well as a Fashion Design Degree, and I am a lifelong learner, always looking at new and interesting ways to either help people or learn new skills.

Fashion Designer, Photographer, Jewellery Designer, Textiles Designer, Plus size Specialist Fashion Designer, Latex Fashion Designer, Headdress Designer, Fine Artist, Cosmetics Designer.

My Cosmetics Journey ..

Due to my daughters interest in becoming a Makeup Artist, I felt that I needed to find out as much as I can about what could be her career choice, hence my foray into Cosmetics and soaps etc. I only started this journey to help her, but it seems from the feedback from my MUA friends etc, that a lot of people are not happy with the amount of chemical-laced cosmetics currently on the market, as the skin is porous it becomes a worry for most of us.

What I want is to provide these items to a wider audience .. to be able to do this .. I need to adhere to certain safety certifications etc .. hence my Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for my EU safety Certifications ..

So this project will help me to create a range of safer and more ecological range of cosmetics .. for others to enjoy too - win/win!

Products are:-

Paraben free

Petroleum free

Talc free

Palm oil free

Formaldehyde free

Mica is mined outside of India

Vegan friendly

I have already done some market research using my Facebook page and have asked friends and MUAs to test out a few prototypes that I have formulated and they have been pleasantly surprised and have written reviews on my page too. So this is the next logical step to get certified for sale to the general public.

I have already forumulated eyeshadows - both shimmer, creams and matt, highlighters (liquid, solid and creams), glitter, blusher, mineral foundation.

I am currently formulating mascara, eyeliners, liquid foundation, cream foundation, lip gloss, lipstick both solid and liquids.

I have teenage kids suffering from acne and eczema and a partner with psoriasis so wanted to give them safe ways to treat those issues.

I am also formulating differnt Nail Polishes as this has been part of my own beauty regime, so would feel lost without my nails, hence including this as part of the Range.

I am currently researching ways to help mature skin, using essential oils to help with healing scars, wrinkle serums and dark circles as well as brown spots etc.

Shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, serums etc.

Thank you for reading my text.

Susey ..


Susey Phoenixx Designs UK


Kimberley, Long Acres Road, Dyserth, North Wales, United Kingdom LL18 6BP

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