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Reuse | Restyle | Rejuvinate


Do you have old wigs that are a bit smelly and as much as you wash them .. they still smell like your grandmas bedroom??


Do they have a stale perfume odour that just wont go away??


Or do they smell of cigarettes where you have been out and about in them and the smell just wont shift ??


Then perhaps this service can help you fall back in love with old wigs that have fallen out of favour !!


We are very pleased to be able to offer this service, alongside the other Fashion Services we provide.


This service includes a deep cleaning wash, condition and conditioning treatment, detangle and drying service.


All you need to do is send your wig (already washed and brushed) along to us, we will assess its condition and give it a thorough deep clean, condition and conditioning treatment, detangle and drying, before sending it back to you, in its glorious rejuevenated fragrant best!!


Please feel free to message us for any further information.


Susey .. 


Rejuvenate | Long Length Wigs

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