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At the Beginning of Phoenixx Designs UK ..

Phoenixx Designs UK was launched in 2008, and after speaking to a range of Plus Size Models who found it almost impossible at the time, to find a plus size latex dress, that would fit and flatter their curves and was at a reasonable price point.

Susey continues to ask Professional and Amateur Models for feedback on every new Collection that she creates. This ensures that the fit and look of each plus size latex dress, is one that enhances the curves of the figure, rather than reducing or flattening them.

Phoenixx Designs UK only creates one-off Made-to-Measure Bespoke Commissioned pieces and does not hold off-the-shelf stock, apart from her once yearly Sample Sale of her previous Collections. So, you will never see another person wearing your exact dress, as each is tailored to the requests of the client.

You the client receive a one-to-one consultation, with the Designer herself. She hand-draws your ideas, bringing to life your dream plus size dress, with all the elements you love on your unique figure. No more trawling the internet looking for those sleeves, or that neckline. You choose EVERYTHING, right down to the length of the hem and sleeve lengths. Creating your one off Plus Size Latex Dress, which will be as unique as you are! No two will ever be the same.

Susey has also included all of the interior and art based creations that she has created, as these compliment her latex designs and are being continuously added to her website as well.

Susey is always available to chat about your future projects. She is available across the usual social media platforms or on here using the chat function, to answer your questions and ultimately create your one-of-a-kind unique plus size dress!

Hope you have a great day,

Susey Phoenixx, Ma


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